Instagram as a platform has become increasingly popular, from people using it to showcase their professional work to others just using it to share their food pics. What can’t be denied is that the creative community has embraced this application and made it their own. Here we share our top 10 Instagram accounts to follow from Kenya. We’ve based this list on what we believe are the most creative people using Instagram in a unique and interesting way.

1.   @truthslinger

One of the best Kenyan photographers. Want to see Africa in all its beauty? Follow Mutua Matheka. His photographs are beautifully composed and minimally edited. Also, we love the photos that he periodically posts of his son (who also has his own Instagram account @minislinger)

2.  @asayf

Asif’s Instagram is one of our must-follow accounts, simply because his way of telling a story through an image is breath taking. Follow him as he goes along his travels, showing you new places and faces.

Disclaimer: Asif is currently a Business Unit Head at Squad Digital.

3.   @lafrohemien

Sarah has created a unique identity for herself on Instagram. No one can take a photograph like she does.  Check her for her beautiful imagery from her travels.

4.  @jaydabliu

The ‘King of Portraits’. No one can take portraits like him. No one. He offers an insightful people’s perspective on his Instagram profile.

5.  @petersize10

Peter has grown his photography skills with his dedication to his craft. On his Instagram you’ll get to see a beautiful side that you may have never seen before, in a way that is out of this world.

6.  @bikowesa

This man will show you the coast of Kenya, like you have never seen. And this makes him one of our must-follow accounts from Kenya.

7.  @samdave69

One of the most prolific Instagrammers you can ever follow. Expect a burst of 10 photos in 10 minutes. BUT each photo will be more beautiful than the previous. He’s currently traveling and showing us the beauty of India, Nepal and Tibet.

8.  @mohabig

He doesn’t post often, but when he does the image OR video will leave you scratching your head as to how he does this. Check out his slow motion videos specifically. You’ll love them.

9.  @joemakeni

This is one photographer who’s each image is a work of art. He has some of the most beautiful photographs on Instagram. Follow him as he makes Africa look even more beautiful then it already is.

10.   @the_mentalyst

Beautifully minimalist images from around Kenya. Follow him as he goes about his daily and finds beauty in the mundane.

We hope you enjoyed our curated list of the Top 10 accounts to follow on Instagram. Once again, we chose based them on their consistency, their efforts towards building the community and their creativity. They have not been presented in any order.

Please do drop us a line with your thoughts on this.