The transition from offline to online marketing has left many companies wondering on how they can go ahead and understand their consumers better. Most marketers who were pro in direct selling and direct walk-in pitches have found themselves being overtaken by digital marketing which requires a considerable level of skill and understanding.

Web Analytics

There are several digital analytics softwares that do provide some level of data and analysis on consumer demographics. These include Google Analytics, Omniture, Prosper202, Lunametrics and many more. For example, in Google Analytics if you have installed the tracking code on your site and enabled demographic features, you will be able to know the age and gender of user who have visited your site.

Google Analytics Demographic Overview Report


Fig 1. Demographic Data from Google Analytics

Interest data is also valuable since you can use it to reach people interested in your products and services. For example,


Fig 2. Interest Categories from Google Analytics

Affinity Category – This is a category that Google created that reflects potential customers of your products based on your products and services and the people who have visited your site. This category was created in order to allow those already running television ads reach potential online customers at scale

In-Market Segments – This is a category that Google created that reflects customers who are actively and currently searching for products and services similar to what you are advertising now or have on your site. For example, if you are advertising a particular brand of car, say Toyota and there are other users online who are actively researching and searching for any car brand like Mercedes, BMW, Nissan etc. they are more likely to buy your brand if you have better options and offers.

Using Interest Data for Custom Targeting and Ads Creation

These interest data will come in handy during ad creation for the Google Display Network and YouTube Trueview Video Campaigns. You can add audiences to ad group for these campaigns in order to reach people interested in products and services similar to those your business offers.


Fig. 3 Adwords: Interested and Remarketing Dashboard

Based on the data available in analytics you can use the same data when setting up campaigns and choose specific demographic and interest data that corresponds to your site users and potential customers as indicated in the sample below: