How well do you know Twitter?

It was a lively morning when WPP-Scangroup and their esteemed clients began streaming into Royal Orchid Hotel for the Twitter Advantage training.

At 8.30am, breakfast was served and everyone settled down to eat and mingle with each other. Speaker of the day, Sean Riley, had arrived early and could be seen chatting and laughing with guests before he took to the stage to commence the key note speech.


Sean Riley is the CEO of Ad Dynamo, an international player in the online advertising market. He has a pleasant and approachable personality, a love of technology and marketing and an ambition to spread the use of Twitter across Africa.


After a brief introduction, he went on to discuss the dynamics of Twitter in marketing.


Major take home: Brands don’t have target markets. They have target moments.

One ought to look out for organic conversations to have two-way dialogue with your fans. He recommended that brands should maintain a target of 3-6 tweets a day because anything more than that becomes intrusive and prompts unfollows.
Another point he pulled out of his bag of tricks is that a brand has four marketing moments


a) Every day: planned and always on
b) Campaign: planned and towards an event
c) Reactive: unplanned and always on
d) Live: unplanned and towards an event


He went on to explain that content is key to any marketing communications and that a profile page is the biggest part of this. Organic content that doesn’t work will not perform well, even if it is promoted. Key content areas for every successful brand should be entertainment, access, information and inspiration.


Did you know that App Card on Twitter gets a ratio of App opening of about 90% versus 80% of downloaded apps that are never opened? With Twitter, the vital point to remember is Right Message, Right Audience and Right Time. For example, 80% of all active Twitter users are mobile and in Kenya, that number is at 98%.
64% of Kenyan users use Twitter while watching television and thus the rise of the second screen is a great opportunity.


We then had a lunch break where we were served with a feast fit for kings and queens. . . ahem, yes, we are kings and queens of digital advertising anyway.


The audience then returned for more insightful speeches from some of the knights of the round table including:

1. Mubin Al-Haddad from Ogilvyone


2. Jane Kavata From Ogilvyone


3. Sara Wambi from Scanad


4. Manish Sardana from Squad Digital.


At the end of the day, it was time to let loose and have a good time. Cocktails were served and guests socialized late into the night. A good end to an enlightening day.