Equity Bank was recently crowned the winner in the Financial Services category of the 2015 OLX Social Media Awards. This win follows in the wake of Equity Bank becoming the go-to bank for financial and youth empowerment, both online and offline.

So what does it take to be the leading brand in financial services on social media?

In the last couple of years, Social has become the heart of everything we do at Equity Bank. Through social banking, we have seen an increase in Brand Awareness, Advocacy and Intent towards Equity Bank products and services. Some of the most notable campaigns of 2015 are Vijana Na Equity, Equity Insurance and Social Banking.

At Squad we believe in building social strategies that are grounded in social and cultural relevance, and Vijana Na Equity is one such campaign under our belt. This is a campaign designed to give the Kenyan youth aged between 18 and 30 years a platform on which to explore their passions, nurture their talents, and transform them into income earners.

The first leg of the program was geared towards the arts, in particular the fashion category. Design Your Destiny targeted budding fashion designers who had a passion and talent for fashion design but were unable to turn these into successful business ventures. We leveraged social media. After all, this is where the youth today spend a good amount if their time, interacting and sharing everything they do in life. Vijana Na Equity was thus a success as far as engaging the youth and getting them to bring out their inner fashionistas.


Equity Bank became the first bank in East and central Africa to launch Social Banking.

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Equity Bank took over the social media world to market their insurance products using the idea of “Keep on Going”. Insurance is often perceived as dull and boring – something the youth do not relate to as they don’t think they need to insure their lives while still young. Equity Bank used the campaign to reach out to them and correct their misconceptions; insurance is neither for the old only, nor is it a sign that you are pre-empting something bad will happen.

With the idea of “Keep on Going”, Equity popularized the culture of acquiring insurance at a young age. The new attitude under campaign is no need to fret about the future because its taken care of, as they pursue their passions.


A comprehensive corporate website is centerpiece of any Social media strategy.  So needless to say, Equity Bank revamped their website to give it a youthful, vibrant look-and-feel in addition to an interactive interface,  easy navigation and  MobileFirst integration.


Now, lets talk numbers.

Equity Bank has been king of social media in East Africa for the last couple of years. In the Second Quarter of 2015, a Social Bakers report ranked the bank as the number 8 most socially devoted financial brand. In this report, it is the 2nd African-based Bank and the only Kenyan bank to make the list.

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With more than 400,000 fans, it’s certainly the leading bank on Facebook in Kenya. What’s more, over 45, 000 followers makes it the second most followed bank on Twitter.