About The Squad
Digital Design Advertising Company
Made in Kenya with Love


What's unique about us is our African pedigree, and because of that we understand that mobile is just not the primary medium, but in most cases, the only medium to connect and engage people in this ever-evolving marketing world.

Contagious Ideas

You know that feeling after four cups of coffee? The adrenaline rush and “I can conquer anything” mentality that lasts all of one hour? That’s contagious. Ideas that excel and have spread like wildfire. Ideas that change the way we look at the world. Striking. Insightful. Potent.

Squad Labs

In the deep, dark underbelly of Squad runs an operation only known to a special few. (Well… and all the people reading this now) This is the test bed for all our concepts before they are unleashed on the world. Evil geniuses with maniacal laughs test, incubate and create. The Squad version of R & D to take over the world. Refinement knows no bounds.

Social Analytics

People are our greatest asset and our biggest challenge. The social ecosystem is our play pen. Using cutting edge software we study, decode and put to the test the social aspects of human behavior to fit what works best for our clients. Sounds like mind reading? We get pretty close. We know what you’re thinking.

Mobile First

Just like your social life, in the world of Digital Advertising, mobile comes first. It’s the future. So we cater to that aspect of the great digital revolution. From apps to the social TV, we cater to a population that has evolved by avoiding walking into lamp posts as they thumb through their mobile phones.