Our Culture
Digital Design Advertising Company
Made in Kenya with Love


We are the reluctant warrior. We didn’t want this greatness. It was thrust upon us. Great expectations placed on the shoulders of young (and really good looking people). And we took it up. We create award winning campaigns in our sleep. Nap time is our greatest resource. A band of creatives who have pushed the art of looking heroically into the distance as the sound of greatness calls. That’s us. The question is who are you?

Pool Table

The best ideas (and the dirtiest jokes) have had their genesis at this table. Plus a few naps. And the occasional puppet show.


It’s always afternoon at this corner of the office. “SHOTS. SHOTS. SHOTS…” is the contemporary version of “Eureka” that when translated to English means “Great work.”

Our Toys

Nothing solves creative differences better than a round or two…..or twelve of Mortal Kombat. Or FIFA 2015 on the Xbox. We work hard and play hard. And at times the line between the two is blurred. From the drone to the Microsoft Surface, the Sphere Ball and Chromecast, we stay on the cutting edge of technology


We came here stick thin. Most of us were models actually. Aerodynamic in every sense of the word. A few Saturdays later and stuffed with great food, we are now…lovable. Friends, family and food. The perfect combination.


Take a crazy group, divide them into teams and give them a problem to solve and what do you get? Firstly a whole lot of trouble. And the most creative answers to brand problems. No one does it better.


From Halloween to Christmas, social media day to online brand parties, when we do things we either go big or we go home. Actually there are times when we go home after going big. Just focus on the going big bit.

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