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Problem Statement

Since its inception, M-Shwari has become Kenya’s biggest micro-savings and lending product, allowing at least 40 other similar mobile savings and lending products to join the market. On average, a Kenyan has at least seven loans taken, most of which are used in betting, which plunges them further into debt.



To ensure its success, M-Shwari needs to build a relationship with their consumers that goes beyond the day-to-day transactions that its competitors offer, which include their main selling point which is saving to increase loan limits and create brand affinity amongst consumers.

Project Overview

To remedy this, the 52 week challenge was created, which is a campaign designed to help Kenyans to pick up on saving through content, an influencer program and a rewards system employing proving techniques for habit creation.


  • 271,000-400,000 Increase in savers in 6 months
  • 150,000 Clicks to the website that were registered
  • 4.5B Saved in Kenya Shillings

Campaign Collateral

  1. Microsite
  2. Social Media
  3. Facebook Paid Media