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Problem Statement

The uptake of mobile phones and other technologies has greatly affected the way that modern day couples show their affection to each other. Times have really changed and display of affection has moved from personal and involving actions into an effortless and more passive exercise. In this day and age, it is common for a couple to substitute spending time together by chatting all day on different social sites.


The campaign’s focus was to get people to take a step back and remember the good old days when the true display of love and affection was felt. We took our followers through the evolution of love from the Stone Age, the Barua Age (letter writing age) the Call Box days to the Mwaaaah and XOXO age where we seem to be now.

The campaign kicked off with teaser posts on our SM pages where we shared the link to the Take the Time website. This got people’s interests and within no time, our followers took the time to share how they used to show affection back in the day and some of the things they wished were still in existence today.

The struggle they underwent to do this things was what made them appreciate their loved ones even more. We encouraged people to use this platform to rekindle those moments by sending cards to their loved ones and also share the struggles they underwent back in the day.

Project Overview

In this day and age, should we just settle for xoxo and Mwaaah in our relationships? How do we improve on our communication and bring back the flame over Valentine’s Day?

Campaign Collateral

  1. Microsite
  2. Paid & Earned Media
  3. Video Campaign
  4. Social Media


  • 1.4 Million Impressions
  • 117,473 Reach
  • 29,569 Page Engagement