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Problem Statement

Equity bank needed to find a way to re-engage the youth. While the bank has a variety of products for young people the uptake was not as strong as it should have been. Besides, the market was creating targeted campaigns and, as the largest bank in the country, Equity needed to do something extra.


Youth is about exploration. Young people often explore themselves through art, even more in this day and age when the internet availed a platform for creative expression to anyone with a data cable.

In Nairobi fashion is one of the largest pillars for young people and bloggers like This is ESS are shaping perceptions about fashion and many designers are now flourishing. Kiko Romeo, born of Nairobi, being a global brand has also shown that there is a path that can be taken.

This is how we arrived at “Design your Destiny” which was later renamed “Vijana na Equity.” The idea was to get designers from around the country and find the best ones. The prizes included an all expense paid trip to the Hub of African Fashion week in Addis Ababa where they would get to see firsthand what the continent’s top designers are doing.

The contest ran for 8 weeks and ended FIKA training for the top 40 contestants. The Financial Knowledge for Africa course is designed to enable young entrepreneurs to develop their skills into a profitable enterprise.

At the end of this training our judges (5 carefully selected leading designers in the country) picked the winners, runners up and the most promising designers. Aside from the trip there was a variety of cash prizes.

Project Overview

If youth is about exploration how can we keep this happening? How do we help people explore themselves?

Campaign Collateral

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  3. Microsite
  4. Event


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