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Problem Statement

Safaricom wanted to launch their new corporate website in a manner that would challenge conventional thinking while driving meaningful engagement. In addition, they needed to create build engagement, awareness and strengthen brand affinity. Finally, highlight the website’s unique features and set an example as a cultural and digital technologies leader.



There are 1,000,000 Kenyans, who are visually impaired; 300,000 are totally blind. Visually impaired Kenyans are often considered invisible. The solution lay in the creation of the new website. Safaricom integrated accessibility of the website to the visually impaired. This would enable persons with visual impairments to improve their lives with the immense knowledge that would be available to them.

Safaricom aimed at driving a shift in the perception and acknowledgement of the visually impaired by telling the story of the challenges a young girl named Susan faced because of digital darkness. We created a video featuring her story. We put the video on the new website’s landing page. All links and ‘calls to action’ led to this page.

We also made an ‘Open Your Eyes Kenya’ microsite that gave sighted users an experience of digital blindness. It was blacked out except for an introduction and the video. The microsite invited users to share the video to ‘open Kenyans’ eyes’. The more the video was shared, the more visible its contents became.

The contents were shareable cards and images that had facts about challenges faced by the visually impaired. Once again users were encouraged to share the information to illuminate the issue.

The campaign ran for 5 weeks.

Project Overview

Rebranding and launch of the Safaricom website. A campaign with a vision...for the visually impaired.

Campaign Collateral

  1. Microsite
  2. Paid & Earned Media
  3. Video Campaign
  4. Social Media


  • 81.8 Million Impressions
  • 2,571,719 Reach
  • 197,809 Page Engagement


  1. Africa Cristal Award 2014 - Emerald Cristal