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Problem Statement

There was a decline in tourism due to travel advisories resulting from recent terror attacks. More people within the country talk negatively about Kenya than external international media. There was room for Kenyans to change their perception of the country as they are the initial advocates for perceptions change; then the rest of the world would follow.


In recent years, Kenya’s largest industry has diminished in reputation. Tourism has slumped to record lows induced by international travel advisories. To make matters worse, online sentiments research on brand 'Kenya' showed that 8 out of 10 negative.

To commemorate their 15th anniversary, the client wanted to do something extraordinary with the launch of their annual calendar.

We set out to change the perception of the country in the minds of Kenyans and enable them to see the beauty that they ignored through the launch of the 2016 calendar.

We targeted Kenyans on social media of all demographics in order to create the widest reach possible.

We released the video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter which host the largest communities of Kenyans online. Once they saw how they looked negatively at their country, we asked them to share any captivating images of Kenya with the tag #ThisIsMyKenya.

We showed popular media personalities a small part of a picture that depicted a negative view they had of Kenya. Then we showed them the entire picture and revealed a more positive view to their surprise.

We recorded them and used their experience to share the revelation with the rest of Kenya.

We then asked them to join us by sharing captivating pictures of Kenya wherever they were with the #ThisIsMyKenya. What we got in response was such an upsurge of patriotism uniting not just Kenyans in the country but Kenyans across the globe, who shared over 10,000 images of their country.

The campaign video had more than 100,000 organic video shares resulting in 1,000,000 views between YouTube & Facebook. That is more than 4.5 Million minutes of free branded content.

To date, the hashtag is being used by Kenyans to showcase the beauty of the country and to as a call to stand up for it.

Project Overview

We ran a social experiment that featured popular media personalities discovering how skewed their perspective of Kenya is towards the negative versus the bigger more beautiful reality that exists. We then shared this experience as a rallying call for all Kenyans to shift their view and defend their country’s image. In turn this improved the deplorable state of the nation’s tourism industry.

Campaign Collateral

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