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Made in Kenya with Love

Problem Statement

Kenyans don't trust insurance companies which is why only 4% of Kenyans are insured. They largely feel like they don't need APA insurance wanted to give insurance a human allowing them connect on a personal level.


APA wanted to change that perception. To encourage people to view insurance as an investment in the people that matter to them. To show the value of community and remind them to be grateful for the people they have.

We shared 3 stories of gratitude and gave them a platform to reach out to each other.( They could create their own videos & postcards and send them to loved ones. Their own versions of #Asante.

Ultimately the results reflected growth for both the brand the business. The campaign had 10.5 million exposures, reached 4 million people and the videos received 452,000 videos views. The leads grew by 900%, revenue grew by $1,433,250 and APA Insurance went to the top of the Africa Brand Index.

Project Overview

APA Insurance made a social platform for Kenyans to say #Asante to each other and in the process changed the way we look at insurance as a county.

Campaign Collateral

  1. Microsite
  2. Social Media
  3. Promoted Media