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Problem Statement

How do you get a country with an average income of USD 64 to take personal interest in a cause that they see as a luxury? With donor fatigue becoming a fast approaching reality, fundraising needed to take new shapes to get the public's attention.

This is the story of how a story changed the future of a nation.


Kenya's future dreamers are under threat of disappearance as the literacy levels of children deteriorate. Only 2% of primary schools in our country have libraries, and the average pupil is semi-literate.

We set out to go beyond a campaign but create a movement. A movement for the children by the children. A little girl in pink boots called Chela, became the face of the drive. Campaign “Story for Chela” was thus born.

She would rallied the entire nation to solve the plight of its children by making them write stories together, making this the world’s first co-authored book written by a nation.

Different sets of genres, hundreds of contributors, millions of shillings coming together for Kenya's future. Every Kenyan would have the opportunity to become an author of the story, developing it as they wished after which donating money equivalent to words contributed.

We received overwhelming support with local county government officials, heads of public schools, parents and education related nonprofit organizations coming together to join the initiative with some making long term commitments to the cause.

In a little over three weeks, we had raised over 9 million shillings funds which built more than 30 libraries that would change the futures of children around the Kenya. Over 2 million children were directly impacted by the proceeds we acquired from this campaign.

Project Overview

Storymoja partnered with the Aga Khan Foundation to create awareness highlighting literacy levels at a national level, help fundraise money needed to build 300 libraries in the country and encourage reading culture of storybooks by the children.

Campaign Collateral

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