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Problem Statement

Consumers now face one-size-fits-all solutions as the insurance industry faces very little differentiation. How then, can we meaningfully differentiate ourselves and still provide these customers with real value addition to their health cover?

Additionally, insurance premiums are providing a real barrier to entry for the category, with national uptake only standing and 3%.



To provide successful product offerings, customer data has to be analyzed. We need a clean channel that can collect clean and meaningful customer data, to enable us to provide a differentiated offering to our customers that goes beyond transactions.

Project Overview

Go plus app is a health and wellness app that enables customers and potential customers to track their fitness and activity. The app also links them to various health and wellness professionals within the UAP Old Mutual network, helping keep track of exercise patterns while an algorithm calculates base premiums to charge customers.


  • 9,038,090 Steps Recorded
  • 1,300 Gym Hours
  • 2,000 Medicine Reminders
  • 10,000 Alarms Set

Campaign Collateral

  1. Mobile App
  2. Social Media
  3. Facebook Paid Media