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Problem Statement

The brand did not have any established SLA’s for contacting potential clients that were expressing interest in their products.

Potential leads were being contacted in 5-7 days with no clarity on reasons for lost interest or their stages in the cycle. Also, the brand was making smart assumptions to understand the next best product to cross-sell to their existing clients. The brand has the transactional data of their customer, google has the online behavior and location data while Facebook and twitter have a social view. However, this information must come together so as to achieve greater efficiencies.



Client departments lack cohesion and the ability to understand customer behavior, interest and values as well as the stage each consumer was during their life-cycle with the brand. The marketing and sales departments are working in silos, not being able to reference feedback to enable better campaigns/ sales processes.

Project Overview

Develop a portal that manages the customer through their entire lifetime with the brand and helps increase customer lifetime revenues by automating the cross-sell and up-sell process, decrease cost of customer acquisition by optimizing campaigns via machine learning and in the process help the brand meet their customer experience KPI’s.

Campaign Collateral

  1. Portal
  2. Social Media
  3. Facebook Paid Media