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Problem Statement

Safaricom is a brand that prides itself on ‘transforming lives’. Within that, the main objective is to ‘Grow, retain and reward the loyal customer base. Safaricom Secret Santa’s objectives were to create a Buzz online as we create emotional content that is highly sharable. This would lead to an increase in talkability but most importantly Data Usage and Brand Affinity.


We engaged fans in a game that would relate to the shopping euphoria of the Christmas period. Safaricom was able to bring consumers to its customer service centres across the city. Fans were given a chance to make their Christmas special with tons of rewards.

All they had to do was to find the Safaricom Secret Santa. However, this was not easy. Fans had to walk around the different areas where the execution was taking place asking strangers “Are you the Safaricom Santa?”

This all happened in and around different malls around Nairobi where we had sent the Safaricom Santa. Once found the Safaricom Santa identified himself by wearing a hat.

The lucky fan got rewarded by the Safaricom Santa and took a selfie with him. We then posted the image up to indicate he’s been found and hyped up the next location.

The campaign ran for just one week in the run up to Christmas day, the results we saw in such a short period were outstanding.

Across Safaricom’s social platforms we recorded 9,683 clicks. A reach of 870,000 people was achieved with 5,464 conversations getting started.

We also recorded 5 million impressions with the hashtag ‘#SafaricomSanta’ being used 1,034 times. But most important, Safaricom Secret Santa demonstrated that small campaigns aimed at getting in touch with the consumer can yield powerful results in customer satisfaction.

Project Overview

Bringing a little Christmas cheer to Safaricom customers with a search for Santa.

Campaign Collateral

  1. Social Media
  2. Facebook Paid Media


  • 5 Million Impressions
  • 870,000 Reach
  • 5,464 Page Engagement