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Made in Kenya with Love

Problem Statement

Public focus and outcry has been limited to the extinction of the animals in the Big 5. Sadly, Kenya is facing a bigger extinction crisis of 7 more endangered species that never get any media attention.



Our main challenge is helping the Safaricom brand that stood for transforming lives, drive awareness and create public conversation to support these other Kenyan species from facing extinction.

Project Overview

In partnership with National Geographic, Safaricom built a website to showcase the 12 endangered animal species and get the public to pledge support for them, on their social channels, using #thisismykenya. The website was supported by powerful video content that drove traffic and created massive social media dialogue.

The Outcome

  • 2.2M Site Visits
  • 15.028 Mentions
  • 111M Estimated Impressions
  • 42% Positive Sentiment

Campaign Collateral

  1. Website
  2. Calendar
  3. Social Media
  4. Paid Media
  5. Video